ASSB 2021 virtual Conference Link

Uploaded on 2021.10.18

ASSB 2021 virtual Conference Link

Dear ASSB 2021 participants,

Thanks you for join us on line for 2021 ASSB conference.  The conference will be hosted as virtual conference. Therefore, there are few important messages and links you will needs to know for the conference.


Important information

  1. The ASSB 2021 will be held on Oct 22, 2021 (8:30-17:40 CST+8) and Oct 23, 2021 (9:00-16:40 CST+8). The online check in will begin at 8:30 AM and follow by opening ceremony at 9:00 AM on Oct 22, 2021 CST+8.

研討會時間為110年10月22-23日兩天。開幕時間為台北時間2021年10月22日早上9點 (如果可能請提早進入會議)。

  1. Please log into ASSB 2021 Presentation Website with your name and email that you used during registration. This information will be used for confirming your attendance. This link will also be found on the home page of ASSB 2021 official website .


  1. You are required to attend the conference at least 4 hours/day for obtaining the proof of attendance that will be provided a week after ASSB 2021.


  1. All intellectual property right of the presentation videos or posters are belongs to the ASSB conference and presenters. Please do not record any event during ASSB 2021 without the permission of the ASSB conference, speakers or presenters.

講座將全程錄影,錄影檔僅供留存,不另行公開。請勿在 ASSB 2021 期間錄製任何活動。

  1. The ASSB 2021 organizer will provide the online conference questionnaire before the last session on Oct 23. Your feedback on the experience on ASSB 2021 is important for us, we will be appreciate for any feedback or recommendations.



Thank you, and looking forwards for you join us on line.


Your sincerely,

ASSB 2021 Secretariat

The 8th Asian Society of Sports Biomechanics Conference

October 22-23, 2021

Taoyuan, TAIWAN