TimeCST (UTC/GMT: +8:00).TimeCST (UTC/GMT: +8:00).
10/22 Friday10/23 Saturday
8:30-9:00Check-In (Online) 
9:00-9:20Open Ceremony9:00-10:003 Parallel Session/Poster Presentation II
9:20-9:30BreakMuscle strength and conditioning, and training/ Sports rehabilitation and therapyRoom: B
9:30-10:30Keynote Speaker : Dr Marcus G. Pandy, PhD (Australia)Neuromuscular biomechanics/ Tissue biomechanics/ Sports technologyRoom: C
Muscle Function in Human Running and Sprinting運動器材與科技生物力學Room: D
 Keynote room10:10-11:10Invited Speaker : Dr. Jaebum Park, Ph.D. (Korea)
Multi-element synergy and its modulation in human movements
: concept and application to sport activities
10:40-12:103 Parallel Session/Oral Presentation I
 Keynote room
Muscle strength and conditioning, and trainingRoom: B11:10-11:15Break
Motion analysis and athletic sports motionRoom: C11:15-12:304 Parallel Session/Oral Presentation III
運動防護生物力學Room: DMotion analysis and athletic sports motionRoom: A
12:10-12:30LunchMuscle strength and conditioning, and trainingRoom: B
Sports technologyRoom: C
身體活動和競技運動的生物力學Room: D
12:30-13:503 Parallel Session/Poster Presentation I12:30-12:50Lunch
Foot and footwear biomechanics/ Gait, posture and balanceRoom: B12:50-13:10ASSB Board of Meeting
Motion analysis and athletic sports motion/ Muscle strength and conditioning, and trainingRoom: C
教學和教練生物力學/身體活動和競技運動的生物力學Room: D13:10-13:30General Assembly of TSBS (TSBS會員大會)
 13:30-13:50Work Shop (Cometa product presentation)
13:50-15:204 Parallel Session/Oral Presentation II13:50-14:00Break
14:00-15:00Invited Speaker : Dr Shinji Sakurai, PhD (Japan)
Yin and Yang of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics
- Legacy of the 1964 and 2020 Games -
Foot and footwear biomechanics/ Gait, posture and balanceRoom: A Keynote room
Computer Simulation in Sports/Neuromuscular biomechanicsRoom: B15:00-15:10Break
Sports rehabilitation and therapyRoom: C15:10-16:10Keynote Speaker : Dr Wei-Chun Hsu, PhD (Taiwan)
運動器材與科技生物力學Room: D

Studies in the field of sports biomechanics linked by not-for-profit research institute with Taiwan local industries.

15:20-15:30 Break
15:30-16:30Invited Speaker : Dr Weerawat Limroongreungrat, PhD (Thailand) Keynote room
Biomechanics and Paralympics Sports16:10-16:40Closing Ceremony
 Keynote room
16:40-17:40Work Shop (Latest methods of artificial intelligence and image processing for human 3D motion capture in sports)
18:30-20:00TSBS Board of Meeting
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